Canine Wellness


Our connection activates physical and emotional wellness.


Canine Wellness Methods

Life's energy is both activated by motion as well as its cause.

When energy flows too quickly it can cause agitation, frustration, and heated emotions.

When energy flows too slowly or is partly blocked, for example through an accident or stress, it can cause cramps, stiffness

and pain.


With concerning canines, energy affects not only the canine’s life energy (visible through body and behavior) but also that of their care-taker or guardians. As well of the other animals in their surroundings. Of course, when the care-taker or others are dealing with any of the issues mentioned above, such as stress or agitation, this influences the energy and behavior of the canine as well.


Animal Dorn Method

When your dog changes his posture, is unable to lift his head or shows signs of back or neck pain it is not always easy to determine its cause. Animal Dorn Method uses observation and gentle palpation to find tensed muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints which need some help to return to their physiological position. It avoids unnecessary stress to muscles and ligaments and involves no jerky manipulation, no thrust moves or ‘crunching’ of joints.


ADM has its origins in South Germany and based on natural laws of physics and anatomy.

This skilled healing method is a powerful tool for realigning the spine and body with focus on problematic parts.

For example when there is misalignment in the joint of the leg it causes the hipbone to be higher on one side; then the spine is "twisted" as the dog try's to hold the body upright, influencing the eveness of the shoulders.

The hipbone is also connected to the chest and jaw bone. The chest, breast and abdominal muscles are affected; then become misaligned thus causing a domino effect from hipbone up to the jawbone.

The therapeutic pressure, which is actually a counter-pressure from the dog’s side, is encouraging the bones to shift position in the same way it does naturally.

When there is pressure on the spine + "the wrong move is done" then at this time, disc's can become damaged and muscles become inflamed. In turn, they touch on the line of the nerve and this becomes the cause of the pain.


The corrections of joint or spinal cord misalignments is always done in a 'dynamic', a moving action. Muscles and especially tensed muscles will always try to hold the positions of the joints and spine and when they are out of order the muscles assume this 'wrong' position as the correct one and will hold it there or in some cases even are cause for the blockage.


Until the "source & origin" of the pressure or Misalignment is resolved, pain can come and go in cicles. Unfortunately often, most other common/ usual treatments address the symptoms (pain) only.


ADM relieves tension and can have a significant positive impact on virtually all of an animal's biological systems. It aids in the circulation of fluids throughout the body which assists the joints and muscles to flush toxins from the tissues. When the body is aligned the bones are 'connected' and blood volume keeps all the organs working. Thus it benefits the increase of blood flow and the improvement of cardiovascular health too.


Revitalising the energy

This is a method whereby the practioner connects with the dog’s authentic energetic self or soul.

During this process information is received regarding disturbing physical and emotional issues which are undermining the health of your dog. Looked for are the so called blocks which dam the flow of the dogs life’s energy as they are considered stress creators. Many times these issues are the underlying causes for illness or non-healing.


All matter holds energy which vibrates on certain frequencies and flows within certain fields. Via this revitalising technique it is possible to tune into your dog's system and encourage the absorbance of transferred energy. This process activates vibration that can revoke the influence of the disturbing blocks while increasing the healing frequencies.

This healing connection is established through intuition while knowledge of the subtle energy systems, like that of aura and chakra’s, is applied.



Animal Reiki is a form of energy transference that allows the body to activate its own natural process of healing. Thus the nature of Reiki energy is one of connection. It understands the concept that we are all are united and it flows freely to all.


Reiki is an easy-to-use method that complements both conventional and holistic approaches.

The word Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese composite word usually translated as “universal life energy”. It is a system that uses mindfulness techniques to help bring the body, mind and spirit back to harmony and balance. The practitioner channels healing energy through her hands to the animal through a light touch either directly on the body or from a distance. Its base is the idea that all living beings have life energy flowing through them. If the life force energy is ‘low’, then the dog is more likely to get sick or feel stress. When the life force is optimal your pet is more capable of being happy and healthy.


These methods also work in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.





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