When we become aware of the virtues, the beauty of another being, some kind of connection is born.



Wellness consultant

Anja has longstanding experience and interests in the field of life's energy and particularly the application of holistic approaches to health care and well-being, drawing on traditional and contemporary approaches.


She has undertaken many studies in complementary alternative therapies and healing methods. During these studies she rediscovered her intuitive energetic nature. In 2005 Anja started her own practice in the Netherlands. Out of her love for animals and after following the specialised Dorn Method training she started to work with dogs too. To see the difference these wellness methods bring the dogs, makes her heart go boom.

In Dubai Anja works in association with Wellbe Solutions.

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Anja's passion is to activate awareness, empowerment and self-healing.

She prefers to connect spirit to spirit, communicating and working in a space of compassion, gentle humor and psychic maturity.


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Mobile nr +97152 1968511

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14C street, Al Quoz 4, Dubai

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