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This wellness service came forth out of love for our canine friends.

It started when I was asked to help an injured dog who, after an encounter with a wall, could no longer walk. As I believe that energy

is the source of life for all living beings the holistic canine wellness methods were applied that influence the total energetic state of the dog that, in turn, activates self-healing. Glad to say this doggy is happy once more.

In general, our canine friends are able to endure whatever comes their way. But perhaps you do not know that like any human being, your dog can be troubled by not only physical issues but emotional ones too. Indications of trouble can show by constant licking or biting of paws (thus activating endorphin), an unwillingness to play, to jump or to be brushed. It can show thorough

lack of energy or having healing issues after an injury or surgery.


Such concerns do not imply there is nothing to be done. Luckily there are some special recuperative and rehabilitative methods available to bring your dog both relieve as well as to activate your dog’s wellness and healing.

The wellness consultant works from a holistic point of view and therefore offers a combination of transformative Canine Wellness methods which influence the deep connections between physical ailments and consciousness.

These are Animal Dorn, Revitalising energy and Reiki methods with all effects aimed at optimising your dog’s energy and wellness.


These methods can be used for the young and old:

- to establish a healthier connection with the body

- to reduce emotional stress

- to reduce physical pain and stress of neck, back and the sciatica nerve

- to increase balance and more flexibility

- to relieve stiffness and tension

- in case of dysplasia predispositions, disc issues and other joint problems

- chronic inner conditions in geriatric, under nourished or over weight dogs

- infertility

- after injury

- after surgery or in a traumatic situation, but always after veterinary consultation.


Our location: 14C street, Al Quoz 4, Dubai.

When needed these wellness methods can be done at your own home to reduce the stress to a minimum.

For bookings: 052 1968511

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